Laurel Burch Arched Cats Woven Tapestry

Laurel Burch Arched Cats Woven Tapestry

$45.00Per 1/2 Yard Half Yard

This brand new, rare, hard-to-find Laurel Burch Arched Cats WOVEN TAPESTRY has a rich black background with multi-color cats with gold metallic thread highlights woven throughout and is 54 inches wide. Large cats measure 4.5” long and 3” tall, medium cats are 2.5” long and 3” tall and the small cats are 1.75” long and 3” tall.

Manufactured by David Textiles, Inc. and made in Pakistan of  70% Cotton and 30% Polyester.

As a heavyweight upholstery fabric it is suitable for furniture, purses, vests, and tote bags to name just a few uses for this beautiful fabric.

Style: #752002 • Color: 1Black/Multi

Width: 54”/55” • Dry Clean Only

8 Yards Available/16 units Available

16 in stock

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