Purrfect for Quilters

Purrfect for Quilters. Something for all your cat themed quilting projects. Fat Quarters (18″ x 21″)  and Purr Squares (20″x 20″), Remnants  ranging from 6″ x 45″ to 15″ x 45″ and  Half  Yards (18″ x 45″). We can meet your cat fabric needs for your quilting projects

6-inch Remnants

6-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

7-inch Remnants

7-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

8-inch Remnants

8-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

9-inch Remnants

9-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

10-inch Remnants

10-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

13-inch Remnants

13-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

14-inch Remnants

14-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

15-inch Remnants

15-inch x 44/45″ Remnants

Half Yards

18-inch x 44/45″

Fat Quarters and Purr Squares

Fat Quarters — 18″ x 22″ • Purr Squares — 20″ x 20″


Purr Packets, Bundles, Panels

Purr Packets

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