Eco-friendly Grocery Bags

Eco-friendly Grocery Bags
August 10, 2018 MJ Stalnaker
grocery bag

Presto Rubel from Massachusetts shared her eco-friendly grocery bags with me. I applaud her and her husband for their environmental efforts and taking care of FIV/Felv cats. Thank you for what you’re doing.

Note from a note from Presto:
One major project I have done for the past seven years is to sew strong, reversible, reasonably attractive cotton cloth bags for people to do their shopping with. My very simple design (certainly invented by others millenia ago) makes them easy to wash–machine washing is fine–and to dry. I’ve made and given away almost 300 bags by now, all of top-quality quilting fabric, for those fabrics are the most beautiful. I’ve given almost all of them to entire strangers, with a brief request that they use them for shopping to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

Everett and I have been very actively involved in feline rescue, spaying/neutering, and foster care (and personal adoption) for the entire 26 years of our marriage. I did this type of volunteer work before I met Ev, and he has always loved cats. We currently live with 16 feline beloveds, all whom are left from our 32 of three years ago.  In our later years of rescue work, we specialized in taking in and keeping cats who tested positive for Felv or FIV, and/or had other medical problems.

A special thank you to Presto and her husband Everett for doing what they do to make this world a better place to live.