June 1, 2019 MJ Stalnaker

Check out MeowWow shop:

Carol’s site is mainly for those who love cats or items made for people (with cat-related fabrics). Her catnip mats and some of the larger toys are refillable. Refilling instructions are included. Fabrics are very gently washed before use, to remove any excess dyes which can cause allergy problems for some kitties.

They grow and dry their own catnip, so it’s always fresh and fragrant. And they hand pick only the best leaves and the tender buds that cats find so delectable. You’ll never find any other substances added to our catnip.  So that you will receive the freshest catnip possible, Carol waits until her items are sold before filling them with catnip and/or filling any accompanying catnip packets. Then they are packaged to keep the catnip scent fresh and fragrant.

If your cat DOESN’T enjoy catnip, Carol will be be happy to make a cozy, catnip-free mat or toy for your kitty.

Her catnip mats and toys usually have two layers of polyfill quilt batting inside. The batting layers are stitched tightly to the fabric around the edges. Why? Because not only does it make them much softer and more huggable, but it keeps the catnip inside from becoming “clumpy” after kitties have played with the toy or mat for an extended period of time. And poly batting is used because her vet told her that some cats like to chew cotton batting and occasionally some will ingest it (not as safe).

Carol has a second shop called BarkRiverBoutique which lists items for people: aprons for all ages (lined, unlined, and reversible types), hot/cold therapy packs for kids (and adults), sachets, and other items.

Check out these sites for items for your kitty and yourself.