Cat Fabric Scrap Wreath

Cat Fabric Scrap Wreath
July 12, 2018 MJ Stalnaker
Scrap Wreath

When owning a fabric business, you have a lot of strips when squaring up fabric. I hate throwing away fabric of any size. I have real good intentions that I’m going to do something with all these scraps. And I do. The scraps have ended up in a box waiting for me to do something. Must say these scraps have been very patient with me.

I stumbled upon a rag wreath while searching my favorite website–Pinterest. A scrap wreath seemed to be the purr-fect solution to my scrap issue and something I would use or give away for a gift and it wasn’t going to cost me a lot of time or money. A win-win project.

Here is my wreath tutorial that you can download for how I made my wreath. If you are needing scraps, I have 14 oz. packages of scraps (approximately 2.3 yards of scraps) that are available for $7.00. Click here to be directed to these packages– Cat Print Scraps